Toddler Programme

Philosophy of Caring, trust, and respect in a friendly, family atmosphere

Each toddler is appreciated and recognized to be unique and each family’s individuality is valued. Our compassionate, safe, and caring environment creates a place for toddlers to obtain positive and holistic growth in their physical, emotional and social development. At MindTech Montessori Schools, we believe that “delicate attention” for each toddler is imperative for these essential and critical early stages. We understand that parents are the most important people in a toddler’s life and work with parents to achieve the absolute best care for their toddler.

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The Toddler Curriculum

At MindTech Montessori Schools, we have five main areas of curriculum and activity at the toddler level: Practical Life and daily living skills, sensorial awareness, language development, movement, and art and music. In Practical Life, the child will experience real life situations and activities promoting dressing and undressing, grooming and toilet training, carrying things, grace and courtesy. Sensorial awareness is learning about dimensions, shapes, colors, tactile, auditory, taste and smell and the primary language development is the acquisition of the language connected to their observations and sensorial training. There are also stories, singing, talks and dialogues as well as special materials for more abstract vocabulary building. Art is approached from a skills based perspective and the children can freely choose cutting, gluing, painting, magic makers, or clay. We listen to and sing a variety of songs to help children develop an ear for music, as well as more formal instruction on rhymes, moving to music and practicing duplicating rhythms.

MindTech Montessori Schools assists each child’s development through encouragement, guidance and stimulation in the following areas:

Cognitive Skills

Every effort will be made to provide stimulation through various aids for the development of the child’s mental learning process. There will be learning activities planned with the interest and developmental needs and levels of each child in mind. Various equipment and toys will be available to foster self-discovery, imaginative play and learning concepts. Our program encourages the above mentioned through the use of music, circle and story time.

Social Development

Each level of social development will be encouraged through group play and activities which promote interaction, sharing, kindness and respect for class friends. Through the teacher’s guidance the children will learn to care for friends as the class becomes a family. Through different activities such as dramatic play, building blocks, and imaginative toys, the child’s socialization skills will be further enhanced.

Creative Skills

Various materials shall be provided to help each child express and nurture his/her own creativity. Mediums such as paint, clay, paper, paste, crayons and chalk will be utilized in the Toddler Program. Creative activities will be planned to encourage the use of imaginative and creative skills. There are also various monthly themes which the teachers will follow,

for example, seasons, animals, fish, and shapes. The theme may be discussed during the morning or afternoon circles using various mediums. The creative activity will be planned according to the theme of the week. The teachers will discuss subjects such as dental health, nutrition, cleanliness, and care of self throughout the program.

Emotional Development

There will be special attention given to each individual child’s emotional needs. Staffs respond to the children in a warm and supportive manner, both through kind words and with loving affection.

Physical Development

MindTech Montessori Schools will provide a healthy atmosphere in which the children will be encouraged to develop good health habits. In order to aid the children with a well-balanced physical program, large and small muscle control equipment and toys are provided along with indoor & outdoor play. We also take the toddlers outside for walks, playtime and outdoor activities whenever possible (weather permitting). Each of our schools also has an play and gross motor development area. Our commitment is to create and provide the best possible environment in order to provide the children a program specifically catered to each child’s natural developmental needs.