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Our daughter, who is 5, has been with MindTech since 12 months old, I can’t imagine a different start for her. We considered taking her out of MindTech when she was ready for JK, but after attending the CASA workshop, it is very clear why the Montessori program works – I remember there were parents at the workshop who wanted to enrol their 11 year old into the school after learning some of the things that were being taught in the 4 year old classes. My daughter started out as a very shy baby when she was first cared by Mrs. K and her assistants, but with the very intentional daily activities, the trips, the concerts, the international projects, the extra curricular classes (such as kilometre club, swimming, skating, martial arts, and french), they gave our daughter such confidence that when introduced to new things and new people in new environments, she does not shy away from it all! The stellar teachers like Ms. Leanne and Mrs. Hopson, gave my daughter the desire to learn more outside of school, which makes us very busy people (in a good way)! Not only does she gain knowledge academically, but MindTech also teaches life skills which makes our daughter a very responsible and respectful person at home and anywhere we go. The richness of the program at MindTech as well as the Montessori education not only influences what my daughter learns, but how she learns and interacts with the world around her outside of school.

Best always to MindTech!

Wai-lam, Riley and Raymond, December 18th, 2017

We have enjoyed our child’s experience at MindTech Montessori School and will miss the program, staff and environment greatly.  In particular, we were impressed with the tour and orientation in the initial stages, and the friendly, warm and professional staff upon starting our child in the program.  We have had our child in the toddler and Jr.CASA program for almost 2 years and our very delighted with her progress in toilet training, language development, social interaction and her general happiness daily.  Although we are moving, we have only kind words of appreciation and praise for the fine effort and organizational commitment from the entire team at MindTech School. Thank you !

Joanne W, December 10th, 2017

As parents, we strive to ensure that Erin and Sophie continue to grow up to become a happy, intelligent, generous, educated and open-minded children. We believe Montessori way teaching and the teachers at Mindtech Montessori work collaboratively with the parents to achieve those goals. We have been attending Mindtech Montessori for the past 3 three years and we have observed our girls develop and acquire life preparatory skills. The teachers are generous, thoughtful and add personal touches to ensure all the children reach their personal limits. All the extra-curricular activities that are included during the school year such as field trips and after school engineering programs add another dimension to their learning spectrum. We also enjoy the spacious school setting that are not common in many of the smaller Montessori.

We look forward to another wonderful year of learning with Mindtech Montessori!

Alex K, October 27th, 2017

Our son has been attending MindTech since April 2014. From the first tour, we knew that MindTech was the place for him. Since then, we have walked hand-in-hand with his teachers as he has progressed from the toddler to the CASA program.

MindTech realizes that each child is different and the staff work together to truly bring out the best in a child. This has been our experience; we feel comfortable addressing our child’s needs with the staff and we have enjoyed working with them to make sure that he is the best he can be!

We recommend MindTech to our family and friends at every opportunity we get because we truly feel it is a great all-round environment for children!

Toks & Zefe Fakolade, October 12th, 2017

Our children attended MindTech Montessori for five years. In that time, they learned too many things to list. Beyond the excellent academic experience, they learned about community, manners and culture. My children could easily recite a poem, sing songs in front of an audience or memorize a 3 minute speech and present it to a large audience. This confidence and finesse was all part of the MindTech way. That foundation has served them very well in their transition into the public school system. It was a pleasure working with the school on the upbringing of our kids; we are often complimented on how well behaved and well mannered they are. We would recommend MindTech to friends and family.

Cathy P, October 18th, 2017

Our family has been very pleased with the experience we have had with Mindtech Montessori. Our son attended the school for 5 years, and we have been so impressed with how the Montessori teaching methods have enhanced his interests and have exposed him to a variety of fundamental life skills. Due to the experience, we had with our son we had no doubt about sending our daughter to Mindtech when it was time for her to start their Infant/Toddler program. Trusting others to take care of your children is a very difficult thing to do, but they have provided a very nurturing environment for our kids to thrive, and the teachers have been amazing. Whenever we have expressed concerns, they have always been good at addressing them immediately. We are very pleased with the school and with the educational foundation that they provide.

Nigel and Cassandra Wood, October 18th, 2017

Our son started at Mindtech when he was 9 months old, he is now three years old. On my first visit to this school I knew this was the place I wanted my baby to attend. Now I can confidently say it was the right decision, it is a very comfortable welcoming staff and administration, in a family friendly oriented environment. The kind and experienced teachers give me peace of mind daily, they are wonderful and attentive to all aspects of his well rounded development. My son has loved every single step of the way going from Infant to Toddler and now in Senior.CASA pre-school. We would like to thank the entire staff for all their hard work and tireless dedication. The school motto is “Education for Life” and I can honestly say they live by that creed. From our family to yours.

Martins Family, October 3rd, 2017

Our first child was enrolled in Mindtech Montessori at toddler age back in 2014. With confidence we enrolled our second child this year in the infant program.  Our first child is currently attending SR. CASA (JK) at Mindtech.  I love that I can have both children under the same roof. Over the last 3 yrs we have been very happy with the school, the program and the teachers. I am touched by the care and attentiveness the teachers have shown to our children throughout their tender years. I have never had any doubt or concern that they were not cared for in a kind and balanced approach. I am very impressed with the teaching program and have seen my daughter thrive, she looks forward to each day.  This year her goal is to begin reading and I am certain she will achieve this goal with the guidance of her teacher Ms. Hopson.  The teachers and kids go above and beyond during seasonal concerts and international day. It is a real joy to attend these events. The field trips arranged throughout the year are educational and lots of fun. I am also thrilled to sign up my daughter (SR CASA) in swimming lessons that take place during the daytime hours and in the late fall/winter we are excited to sign her up for Skating lessons and an after-school Martial Arts and a French program!

The infant care program with Mrs. Kay is fantastic, I never leave the school at the end of the day without knowing how the day went, what the feeding and nap schedule was. Thank you all at MindTech !

Andrea Paszana-Salam, October 3rd, 2017

We enrolled Aiden at Mindtech just a week before he turned a year old. Mindtech Montessori has been instrumental in his development; speech, singing, kindness and social development. The staff at the school have made us feel confident that our son is in a safe and loving environment with plenty of supervision and one on one attention. He is now in the Jr Casa program and loves going to school to be with his friends. All of his teachers are passionate and truly care about their students and their development.  We are so thrilled with Aiden’s growth, that we’ve now enrolled our daughter to join Mindtech next year.  Thank you Mindtech.

Senthuran, October 3rd, 2017

We are so happy we sent our son to Mindtech!

The teaching staff and leadership team at this school are highly engaged and care deeply for the students. Our eldest has attended the school for three years and we are extremely pleased with the personal attention and support he and his classmates receive, as well as his cognitive, social, and emotional development.

We receive regular photographs of our son at work and play, and the teacher always make time to provide extremely helpful feedback on how to extend the Montessori learning experience into the home.

Our second child is now enrolled at Mindtech and we highly recommend the school!

Beverly & Brennan, September 28th, 2017

This school has been my daughter’s daycare from 10 months old to present (over 3 years old). I have absolutely loved the staff and the work they’ve done to support her.. she’s learnt so much! I am comfortable speaking to them if I have a concern, and they are always quick to address any issues. My daughter has learnt SO much while at this school (numbers, letter, shapes, animals and she is now learning to spell her name). I couldn’t ask for a better school..this is the best decision we’ve made for her life and we’re so proud to give her this start.

Ann C., March 13th, 2017

My son attended Mindtech for 3 years. He was extremely happy attending the school and the summer camps during this time. The teachers are very attentive and nurturing with the kids. My son grew academically and creatively with the Montessori curriculum being taught and the many school excursions, events and concerts that took place year round. Thank you for all the happy memories created for my son and family at Mindtech.

Bessie Dimitrakakis, Sept 28th, 2017

We are incredibly happy to have our two pre-school children attend MindTech Montessori School. At MindTech you are always greeted by such friendly, engaging and supportive staff. We are grateful to the school administration who over the years accommodated our family changes. Our unique requests for summer camp schedule needs – the flexibility and cooperation came at critical times. We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided our children. With gratitude – thank you MindTech !

C. & M. Sidhom, Sept 28th, 2017

I genuinely can’t believe any of the bad reviews for this school. In 2014, I read them and I pulled out of enrolling my daughter at MindTech. The school director sensed my concerns and asked kindly if he could get some parents to call me to speak to their experiences. I said sure. The parent testimonials convinced me to enrol my daughter (I am now friends with one of those parents, too). My daughter has been at Mindtech for over 2 years now and she has THRIVED there. My parents, my husband, we all say it is the best decision we have ever made for her. The teachers are attentive (preschool, toddler, and infant classrooms). If I ever have concerns, they are so good at addressing them. She’s learnt so much… numbers, letters, colours, animals, spelling her name.. yoga!.. she goes on field trips…she’s fully potty trained, she has so many friends. In the infant classroom, they even supported my decision to pump and bring milk. Don’t trust the reviews, visit for yourself!!

Jr. CASA Parent, Sept 20th, 2017

As new parents, we had no previous experience with daycares. We were also new in the area and we were facing some other family challenges. We needed to find a daycare for our busy toddler that would be safe, educational with a spacious facility. The moment I walked into Mindtech Montessori School, I truly felt I was in the right place. It had a warm and hospitable feel, and everyone was friendly with a genuine interest to support my needs. Not only does MindTech have a spacious facility, it has a 5acre outdoor area with three playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields as well as a tennis court, and all of this with no cars, business or neighbours – truly a country style feeling which makes it unique. Communication with the Director, the Supervisor as well as the rest of the staff has been key from the first day. Everyone is very friendly, accommodating and willing to work together to meet and often exceed my family needs, for that I am very thankful! I plan to put our newborn into MindTech in 2018 too !

Best wishes to all at MindTech.

Ana C., Sept 20th, 2017

Skye’s school years will be a priceless memory. No matter how hard parents try to give their children the best values, they will ultimately grow up to be young adults whose personalities are shaped by teachers like you and your staff.

Today my husband and I will like to thank you for giving our little one big dreams.

Neetu Singh-Stanford, July 13th, 2017

Our sons (7 years old and 4.5 years old) have been with Mindtech Montessori since they were infants.  They have been loved and cared for by the amazing staff from the infant room, to toddler room, throughout junior and senior casa and now my oldest as he’s about to graduate from Grade 1. The staff are exceptional, they are caring, adhere to the Montessori principles,  and always go above and beyond. The experiences the boys have had, from performing at concerts, many field trips, science fairs, international days, skating/swimming/skiing lessons, special guest visits including zoo to you, paediatric dentists, to pizza pyjama days, are all incomparable. They have been allowed to learn at their own pace, pushed to grow and supported every step of the way. We feel very blessed to have the foundation that Mindtech has given our children, the tools they have been given will last them a lifetime but so will the fond memories they have made here.

Our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to MindTech !

Brian and Shannon Champ, June 12th, 2017

Mindtech is such a great school to start a child’s educational journey. I registered both of my children from 18 months of age and was impressed with a curriculum that was to be followed. Over the years, many parents have complained to me about other day cares in York Region and that their children aren’t developing or learning anything during the day. That is definitely not the case at Mindtech Montessori. The teachers truly dedicate time and care to let every child feel welcomed,  accepted and instill a love of learning. My children love being there and the teachers were a major part of that. As a parent, I never once felt neglected or over looked and always felt informed about the school trips, events and calendar of activities.  Every email I sent to the administration staff was responded to within that same day. That speaks volumes considering that they would have so much else to do in the school during the day. One thing that I can say that I appreciated was that the school Director always remembers every child and calls them and the parents by their name. You don’t see that kind of care and dedication in the school system these days. As a busy parent who works 9-5, I loved that I could leave my kids at Mindtech with no worries for their safety and well-being.  From the security system/cameras, to the advanced learning, to the sporting activities that are introduced at a young age i.e skating and swimming, I can only applaud Mindtech for its commitment to each child’s success. Kudos to Mindtech Montessori School! You will always be acknowledged as the pillar of foundation for both of my children and I will be forever grateful for all that you did for us and continue to do for other families.

Jacki A., March 27th, 2017

My children attended the Dickson Hill campus starting from age 1 all the way to Grade 3 (daughter) and Sr. Casa (son).  Both of them had a very fulfilling experience: from a rich academic program, incredibly warm and talented teachers, and various enrichments such as speech arts, skiing, skating and swimming.  Today both of them have advanced reading levels, strong mathematical skills, and confidence in public speaking.  We are very grateful for the wonderful experience our kids had at MindTech.

Mastrofini Family, March 1st, 2017

MindTech Montessori School has provided my daughters with a higher level of education and critical extra-curricular activities such as Swimming, Skating, Skiing, Music and Art, all which are important for the child’s holistic development.  I really value the small classroom sizes and quality attention, this allows the child to grow and flourish to reach their potential.  Our two children both started in the infant&toddler programs, and our oldest has been there now for 8 years, therefore we have truly experienced the complete development process from the infant thru to upper elementary.  MindTech has also developed my children’s character and social etiquette, time and again I see the difference and virtue of the Montessori philosophy shine beyond the academic area only. The Teachers and the staff are very loving, passionate and teach with conviction.  I truly couldn’t ask for a better school for my children. Thank you for all you’ve done!

Christina, February 14th, 2017

We have been Mindtech Montessori parents for the past 6 years and have been very pleased with the Montessori experience. As parents, we thrive to provide the very best for our children. So, when we chose to enroll our eldest into the Infant/Toddler program we knew we were making the right choice. The Administrative Staff and most especially the Teachers strive to provide a very warm, positive and caring environment where the children are considerate to their classmates and love to help each other.

Our eldest is now in Grade 2 and we have seen him flourish into the most caring, helpful, curious and independent individual. Our youngest is currently in the Toddler program and we are very excited to see him transition into the Casa Program. We are very thankful to Mindtech as they have provided a great foundation and significant head start in their journey of learning.

Marsha, January 4th, 2017

Our son, who is three years old, has been a student at the MindTech Montessori School for the last 15 months and we are very happy with his academic and social progress here.

Mr. Akbar runs the school with his unique blend of kindness and discipline and is helpful, kind and considerate towards the parents. He has always addressed all our concerns and has gone out of his way to reassure us and to help in every way.

All the teachers – Ms. Sima and her Assistants – are talented, dedicated, kind and loving. We can tell our son loves his teachers just from the way he keeps talking about them even during the days he is not in school.

We considered some other preschools before deciding on this one and feel it is the right fit for our family. We are happy with our choice and highly recommend this school as a loving, safe and appropriately challenging academic environment for children.

Tara Zhang, February 3rd, 2017

I would highly recommend MindTech Montessori for their Infant, Toddler and CASA programs.  I have three boys ages 10, 8 and 2 years old.  All three attended MindTech  from 12 months of age in the Infant program, up to Sr.CASA.  Our youngest is still currently attending. MindTech has a very well operated, a nurturing environment with extremely professional caregivers and teachers.  They are proud to be a part of my child’s learning and development.  My older two have very fond memories and will often ask to go back and visit their teachers to say “hi”.  The most evident moment I remember of the professionalism and self-respect the school inspires in their students happened when my 4 year old son (at the time) met a new friend while we were on vacation, my son extended out his hand and introduced himself to the boy – it was this etiquette of the Montessori education that made the small meaningful differences. Beyond that our boys always loved the many school trips right from 2years up including the complete swim and skate programs, coupled with two concerts a year. Our children have acquired a solid foundation in the early years and we couldn’t be happier and can only thank the school and teachers.

If it wasn’t for the close proximity of the elementary school to where we live, we would have continued to have them attend MindTech.

Kim and Mick Karshan, January 31st, 2017


We have been Mindtech Montessori parents for the past 6 years and have been very pleased with the Montessori experience. As parents, we thrive to provide the very best for our children. So, when we chose to enroll our eldest into the Infant/Toddler program we knew we were making the right choice. The Administrative Staff and most especially the Teachers strive to provide a very warm, positive and caring environment where the children are considerate to their classmates and love to help each other.

Our eldest is now in Grade 2 and we have seen him flourish into the most caring, helpful, curious and independent individual. Our youngest is currently in the Toddler program and we are very excited to see him transition into the Casa Program. We are very thankful to Mindtech as they have provided a great foundation and significant head start in their journey of learning.

Zabala Family, December 13th, 2016

Both of my children started in Mindtech’s Toddler Program. All the teachers they’ve had are caring, friendly, and patient. They are really invested in the children’s development and have taught my children numerous life skills. At the age of 3, my son can already do simple addition, spell, and write in cursive. The teachers are great at encouraging and making the learning environment fun!  My children also really enjoy the various field trips that are planned throughout the year.

My husband and I are extremely happy to have chosen Mindtech as our children’s first education experience.

Wendy C., Mother of 2, December 10th, 2016

My overall experience at MindTech has been great. The curriculum is well planned and stimulating for the children. I love that my daughter who’s currently in the Junior Casa program is truly excited to learn. She’s self-motivated and she loves going to school. I am impressed with the importance placed on values, respect, responsibility, and character development at MindTech. All the teachers and the administrators are quite helpful and friendly. What is most satisfying is my children’s happiness and the quality of education they are obtaining at MindTech.

Mrs. Peters, Junior Casa Parent, December 12th, 2016


The staff at MindTech Montessori are always friendly and welcoming. Our two boys have developed beyond our expectations in the environment that MindTech provides.

We are so pleased that MindTech Montessori has given our two boys an excellent start to their education.

Jacqueline Titus, December 8th, 2016

We wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for everything you and your staff at MindTech Montessori have done for our son, Jaiden.

As is the case with most parents, we were quite nervous about finding childcare for Jaiden. Being our first child, the thought of having others care for him was pretty nerve-wracking. However, from the moment we stepped foot inside your North Campus during your summer open house, we instantly knew we were making the right decision.

The care Jaiden has received from infant care, to toddler and now into junior casa has been second to none. I never imagined that his teachers would care about his well-being and development as much as they do! Each and every one has treated him like their own with their warm personalities, patience and positive demeanor. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

We also found it very enlightening to participate in your recent parent’s workshop. The time that Huss and the teachers spent walking us through MindTech’s curriculum really helped shed light on how Jaiden and his friends spend their days.

We’ve had many, many moments where Jaiden takes is by surprise, sharing/expressing something that we didn’t realize he knew. These moments reassure us, time and time again, that we made the right decision enrolling him in MindTech. We know we wouldn’t be able to teach him the way he is taught by your staff. We know he is a step ahead because of your staff.

Again, thanks for all you do!

Luciano and Sonia Novello , December 8th, 2016

Both of our children have been attending MindTech Montessori since the age of 1 year old. Starting in the infant program and moving through to Jr Casa. Our families experience has been overwhelmingly positive, from the warm and caring staff, facility, meals, education, numerous field trips and activities.

As a parent, there is nothing more important than feeling comfortable with where and whom you select to leave your children with every day. For us, MindTech Montessori has been the perfect fit.

Thank you MindTech!

Andrea and Kory Kulbacki, December 8th, 2016

Our son has been attending MindTech Montessori school from the age of 12 months in the Infant program. Now, at 2 years old he is in the Toddler program. We feel immense gratitude and appreciation towards his teachers, the administrative staff, and the school as a whole. We leave our son every morning in the care of his teachers, our son runs in and enters with joy and happiness to greet his teachers and class friends, this means the world to us because we know he feels loved, nurtured and welcomed. We are very happy with our decision to enroll our son in MindTech and we will continue to keep him at this school in the years ahead. Without hesitation, we recommend MindTech for all families looking for quality, professional caring staff in a licensed and accredited environment.

Niloo & Ali, December 8th, 2016

We enrolled our son in the infant room at MindTech in 2014. Over the last two years we have been consistently impressed with the caring and dedication shown by all the teachers. The administrative staff has been amazing as well, and has made several accommodations to make our son’s experience as enjoyable as possible. We have had a great experience with MindTech and are looking forward to sending our youngest next year.

Carolyn and Richard Williams, December 8th, 2016

At a time when your child can’t speak, walk or talk, it’s so important to trust your parental instincts find a school that you can wholeheartedly, without a doubt, trust to look after them. Our daughter started at Mindtech Montessori when she was 10 months old, and in over two years we have never had to doubt that she is receiving exceptional care. We have seen her not only survive but thrive.

The wonderful teachers at Mindtech are the adults that get most of my daughter’s time during the work week. The teachers are respectful…they are comfortable to speak to us about concerns, and they are also trusting of us as parents to know when our child is ready for potty training and other life milestones. They are an integral and invaluable part of my daughter’s development, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on what is best for our child.

Our daughter Zoe is now in Junior CASA. She’s gone on field trips with Mindtech at the age of two and will be performing in her first holiday concert shortly! Her report card this year expressed a love for yoga, and when we spoke to her about this, she was thrilled to give us a private lesson.

Our toddler has had a remarkable start to her life thanks to MindTech. There is no greater decision or gift a parent can give their child the best start in life. She is learning so much, and every day we are so excited to hear about what she’s experienced at her wonderful school. There has never been a day that we have been concerned for her wellbeing, and as working parents, that makes all the difference.

We can’t imagine what our daughter would be like if it wasn’t for Mindtech. Our child has an arsenal of friends at the tender age of two. She has seen chicks hatch from an incubator, she has learnt her numbers, colors, letters and shapes, and, most importantly, she is happy. We have recommended MindTech to any parents who have crossed our path…it is a choice we will never regret.

Aneesha G. Cozier, December 7th, 2016

We wish to commend Mindtech Montessori for its continued commitment to providing a great environment for learning.  Our daughters have enjoyed being a part of the Mindtech family.  They love learning through the various Montessori activities and look forward to coming to school every day.  Great teachers and staff who always greet us and answer our questions.  Thanks Mindtech!

Reaud and Keziah Ally, December 5th, 2016

kaiWe have had such a positive experience at MindTech Montessori School.  Our son, Kai, had a smooth transition from daycare to Junior CASA and this is due to the caring nature of the MindTech family.  All the staff members have treated our family with the utmost respect and kindness…we are truly grateful.

We have noticed how independent Kai has become after being immersed in the Montessori Program.  We continue to appreciate all the different opportunities and activities that are offered to our son and love seeing him flourish.  Thank you for making this stage of his education an amazing one!

Jeeva, Naomi and Kai, November 30th, 2016

Thank you MindTech North so much for everything. Starting with our transfer from New York to Canada not knowing anyone here, the entire staff made us feel like family.

Most important of all, my daughter Arden, who was 20 months old at the time was safe, secure and in a healthy and loving environment at MindTech North. I could always rely on the fact that she would be happy and well taken care of at school. It was such a big relief and comfort for me to know that everyone took such great care with Arden.

We are moving back home and Arden turned 4 years old last week. It is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone. Everyone is like family to us and we will miss you so much. You have made us part of the family and Arden has grown so much.

Thanks again for everything.

Virginia Eibert, January 4th, 2012

I am writing to express my gratitude for hosting a group of Red Leaf students from Mexico at your school.

Exchange programs such as ours are of great benefit to the students of both nationalities; however, they are not always easy to arrange. We appreciate your openness to welcome this group into the school, and hope that their presence there was of benefit to your school community.

It is a pleasure to work with MindTech Montessori School.

Marlene Lowen, February 25, 2009

We’re very pleased with Alexandro’s progress thus far. Ms. Miskin is wonderful and shows much ability, patients and care with Alex. We look forward to seeing the advancements that will follow in all the areas of his education and trust that he will advance and prosper with her to guide him along.

In the short time Alexandro has been with Ms. Miskin, he already displays grace, patients and manners that were not so present prior to his enrollment. We see that proper manners from a 3-year old is possible and we’re quite pleased.

We also now understand that through all Montessori teaching methods, his learning capabilities are limitless and we eagerly away the many milestones to come!

Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo and Sabrina Capobianco, November 15th, 2008

They say, “we reap what we sew”. This is how I feel knowing my son had his start at Mindtech Montessori. Vikram started at Mindtech just before his 3rd birthday and is 6 years old today. His time at the school has been enriching, caring, safe and secure. He had the opportunity to develop not only his academic basics such as reading, writing and math, but he also developed socially by making some great friends, in sports such as swimming, skating and track & field and through a great art, drama and music program. In grade one today, Vikram is reading and writing at a higher level than his friends in the public school system. His math can compare with cousins in grade 3. Finally, his ability to think through issues and stand out as an exceptional child within the community is bar none. A well rounded and happy child is what I see when I look at my son. I know that some of what I reap today as a result of what I sewed when I put him in Mindtech Montessori. Thank you Mindtech!

Prabhjot Minhas, January 31st, 2008

My daughter has been with MindTech since she was 12 months old.  The staff in the Infant room made the transition to daycare an easy one (for both mommy and baby); they were very nurturing and they accommodated her individual schedule until she adjusted to their routine.

Olivia has been in the Toddler room for over 6 months now, and I can hardly believe the progress she has made in terms of development – language, cognitive, gross & fine motor skills. The instructors are professional, friendly and very committed to developing these areas; there is plenty of individual attention for all of the students, which facilitates this effort.  The active outdoor play is also a contributing factor.  It is always a planned and integral part of the day – and when weather does not permit, the large gymnasium is used.

One of the best things about this school is communication.  The weekly plan and daily menus are always updated and posted for the parents to review.  At the end of the day (during pick up), the instructors take the time to discuss the days’ events and answer any questions I might have – no matter how long it takes, they never rush me out the door.  Periodically, the administration staff will communicate with the parents through e-Mail and/or short printed memos to keep us updated on special events, staff turnover, friendly reminders about procedures, etc.  Finally, the “Infant Toddler Gazette” is beneficial in keeping the parents engaged in the current themes and associated activities/events.  Not only does this monthly newsletter allow us to prepare our child for the events, it provides tips/suggestions on how we can instill the same learning at home.  The walls of the school are always plastered with the children’s artwork – a constant reminder of the month’s theme and special events!

And speaking of events – they are always doing something fun and creative for the children, the staff and the parents…Baby massage clinics, pumpkin carving, beach day, photo day, pajama day are just a few of the activities I’ve seen the last 2 years!  And there’s usually a photo provided to me of my child participating in the event to include in her scrapbook!

I could not be more pleased with the care and education provided by the staff at MindTech Montessori School.  I’m comforted by the fact that everyone knows us all by our first name; it not only reinforces their family-friendly environment, it makes the early morning drop offs on the way to work that much easier! J

Tammie & Brian Knuff, October 25th, 2007

My two children (2.5 & 5) are entering their 3rd year at MindTech and my husband and I are thrilled with their progress. MindTech teachers and staff are faithful to the methods of Montessori teaching and it shows-my children learn so much each day and they love it!

I found MindTech teachers to be kind and nurturing with my kids, and it feels like a warm family environment. I would highly recommend MindTech to any parent.

Susan Papadopoulos, October 12th, 2007

We have been coming to your school for 6 years for two of our children. During this time you have provided outstanding care, education and love. Not even one day we have worried about our kids. All the teachers we had were amazing caregivers and beautiful people. Our youngest, Alexander, have been loved since he was born and accompanied mom to pick up his sister. We will soon finish our MindTech chapters but we will recommend you and keep you in our hearts. Health, love and prosperity to you all.

Remurez Family, May 16th, 2007

This is a letter to thank the school and staff for the wonderful years that my son has attended Mindtech Montessori. It has been rewarding experience and the skills and knowledge that my son has acquired are invaluable.

Ethan has been enrolled in Mindtech Montessori since he was a toddler and he is currently in his Kindergarten year and he is writing in cursive, printing, reading, can compute multi-digits addition, subtraction, multiplication, science, geography and has respect for his life and the world that he lives in.

If it wasn’t for the reason of the opportunity to learn the French language and to become bilingual, we would have no doubt of keeping him in Mindtech as long as we could.

Ethan will miss everyone and as the family, we wish all staff, teachers and friends at Mindtech Montessori School successes.

The Tetys, May 4th, 2007

My daughter Sarah has been in the Infant, Toddler and the CASA I program at MindTech since August 2004. My decisions to enroll Sarah were based mainly on the tour I had with Nayu. What interested me the most were, the Montessori philosophy, the long business hours, the ratio in the classroom and the security measures the school put in place, (such as locking the front door during school hours) and only allowing individuals whose names are on the contact list to pick up my children.

The school’s curriculum is excellent. They also take the children on a variety of school trips. For example, the children went to the pumpkin farms, apple farms, the museum and many other places and had many events. These different programs give the children the opportunity to explore and learn outside and inside the classroom. What I find interesting and an excellent idea is the exchange program with the international students which joined MindTech.

I have noticed difference in Sarah’s development which MindTech has had a positive part in. She’s very independent and confident in her abilities. Because of the cultural and ethnic diversity in the school and the school’s meal program, Sarah has become more adaptable in different environment and even enjoys variety of different food.

There are lots of diversity and heart and sole at MindTech. It is a loving and nurturing environment, from the administrative staff to the teachers and parents. They’re like our extended family.

MindTech definitely fulfilled all of our needs. That’s why we still keep Sarah there. In fact we’re enrolling Emma, Sarah’s little sister in September 2007 into the infant program.

Marcella Magee, March 21, 2007

I have two sons attending MindTech. Esan is in CASA II program and Zain is in the Toddler program. Esan has been attending MindTech for 3 years and Zain for 1 year.

I decided to send my sons to MindTech for its large, clean and bright environment. The staffs are obviously loving and nurturing. Staff and management showed respect and caring to students. Also, staffs are able to discipline without damaging the child’s ego.

MindTech is a very caring and respectful environment, which encourages individuality and pride in accomplishments. MindTech has also incorporated a very diverse curriculum from a young age. For example, besides reading, math, arts and crafts, extracurricular activities, such as swimming and skating lessons and informative field trips, form part of the curriculum.

I’m very satisfied with the method of teaching and the excellent extended hours and meal program. Most definitely, MindTech believes in teaching children responsibility and pride in their accomplishments. Children are shown that there is more than one way to do something and to use their imagination in coming up with a solution. It is also very endearing and satisfactory to see both my sons enjoy helping mommy and daddy with the abilities and skills they have learnt from their school.

Mary Andani, March 14th, 2007

I have a son in the CASA II program, and a daughter in the Lower Elementary program at MindTech Montessori School. They have been at the North Campus for 18 months now. Some of the things I looked for when I was searching for a program for my children included caring and committed teachers, an enriched learning environment and the ability to continue the Montessori program at the elementary level. I decided to send my children to MindTech because of the warm atmosphere where the children feel comfortable. Also, the strong focus on academics and athletics, the individualized program in Art, Music, Computers, and French for each child and small classes also helped in my decision.

The faculty are caring, involved and always developing new and innovative programs/curriculum. MindTech also provides excellent communications between parents and faculty.

I have found the curriculum to be very enriched. The classes stimulate and challenge each child to their fullest potential. The children are excited to learn, they are self-motivated and love going to school

I am also impressed with the importance placed on values, respect, responsibility and character development in the school. The moral development of the children is a very important aspect of their education and this is certainly evident as a priority at MindTech.

Amanda Adams, March 14th, 2007

MindTech program and services have given me and my family peace of mind. When I was looking for a facility for my children, I looked for a warm and loving environment; a place that would offer safety and security to its students. Other factors such as the teachers’ qualifications and the type of programs offered for infant also played an important role in my decision making process. MindTech satisfied my requirements, and ultimately helped me decide to have my children here.

MindTech teachers have amazing support from the office staff. They have great resources, and the classrooms are very well-equipped. MindTech has quality teachers and wonderful workshops. Montessori is not just a name at MindTech, it is implemented and the curriculum is very well delivered.

Also, I find that MindTech’s hours of operation is very convenient. The staff are always available to help with my concerns and requests. What is most satisfying is my children’s happiness and the quality of education they are obtaining at MindTech.

The only suggestions I have which I believe they are working on right now are some sort of weekly or monthly outline of lesson plans for parents to follow. This will help parents keep themselves up-to-date with what’s going on in school.

Overall, MindTech has fulfilled 110% of my needs as a school, and I would recommend MindTech to anyone.

Julie Altieri, March 3rd, 2007

Both of my sons have been attending MindTech Montessori School since September 2006 and I have been consistently impressed with all aspects of the school.

The school has a real feeling of community. All the teachers, administrators and children from other classes seem to know my sons, and my sons seem to know everyone too! I can tell how comfortable and happy they are as soon as they enter the school.

The staff are all extremely kind, professional and nurturing. It is evident that MindTech has chosen staff who truly love teaching and being with children. I’m also continually impressed with the Administrators who run the school program. It is clear that the school is extremely organized and well run. Procedures are documented, parents are communicated with often, and special events are planned well in advance. When I think of all that needs to be done to run three schools I wonder how they do it, yet they seem to do it effortlessly!

The school has a wonderful philosophy emphasizing empathy, global understanding and a keen sense of moral values. I truly believe that MindTech is doing its part in helping to raise socially responsible children. It is also evident how much my children have learned at MindTech. I am very impressed with the level of education provided.

I would highly recommend MindTech Montessori School to any parent.

Andrea Heazle, February 25th, 2007

Thank you so much for the last 2.5 years. We are really going to miss Mindtech! You and the staff at Mindtech are going to be hard to beat. The care and dedication you provided Liam is why we switched from Daycare. We are leaving with great admiration. You have influenced and shaped his life forever. Thank you! Have a happy and safe summer.

Shannon & Mike Winter, May 16th, 2006