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MindTech Montessori Schools

At MindTech, we strive to provide a nurturing environment where all students, staff and parents are involved in creating a healthy, enriched learning community.

In the spirit of our school motto, “Education for Life”, we believe in developing a love for learning and learning for life.  At MindTech, we continue to set the stage for a successful experience for all our students who strive for excellence. We excel in preparing students to make a positive contribution to their communities and to society through an extremely well- structured and well-rounded education.

MindTech Montessori Schools

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Why Choose MindTech?

Convenient Locations

Markham & Stouffville

Two locations in Markham


Holistic Learning Approach

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At MindTech Montessori Schools we believe our children to be well-rounded individuals who are not only academically capable, but talented in many other areas as well.


Watch Your Children Grow

Come and experience MindTech for yourself!

MindTech Montessori Schools is able to accommodate children from birth until Grade 8!


Convenient Locations

MindTech Montessori Schools is conveniently located within 5 minutes’ drive of each other and close to major intersections.

East Campus - MindTech Montessori

East Campus

Located just North of Markham-Stouffville Hospital on 8961 9th Line, near Hwy 7. This location provides a cozy school environment as it is nestled within a beautiful Heritage home, replicating a traditional Montessori environment.

School Features:

  • Warm and Cozy Environment
  • Enclosed Playground
  • Small classroom sizes
North Campus - MindTech Montessori

 North Campus

Located by Markham-Stouffville border, just off Hwy 48 on 1 Dickson Hill Road.

School Features:

  • Large Gymnasium
  • Spacious rooms
  • 4 Acres of playground space
  • Small classroom sizes

Holistic Learning Approach

At MindTech Montessori Schools we believe our children to be well-rounded individuals who are not only academically capable, but talented in many other areas as well.

Swimming Lessons


To enrich the physical lives and provide a valuable life skill to our children, MindTech Montessori Schools provides the opportunity for our Senior Casa and Elementary Students to participate in an Instructional Swimming Program. The Centre(s) which we work with generally offer a comprehensive 6-week AquaQuest Swimming program. The coaches are certified Lifeguards and Instructors from the Red Cross or Life Savings Society, as well as having experience teaching children.

This is a certified program which allows the children to continue in their certification levels.

Skating Lessons


MindTech Montessori Schools works in conjunction with The Breakaway Skating Institute to offer our Senior CASA and Elementary children the fundamentals of skating for beginners and also introduces new and challenging skills to the intermediate and advanced skaters.

The program emphasizes the development of balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. This program stresses physical conditioning while teaching skating skill development, personal growth and enjoyment of skating and ice sports. Children who are also enrolled in other skating programs continue benefit and advance their skills and confidence. The coaches whom we work with are experienced and specialize in skating skills development.

Skiing Lessons


Our Elementary students participating in a four-day skiing program annually which help to continue enriching their physical and athletic lives. The program is held at a pre-determined Ski Resort which is within 40 minutes from our School. Our four-day Ski Program teaches the fundamentals of skiing to beginners and introduces new and challenging skills to intermediate and advanced skiers. The goal of this program is to introduce our Elementary children to the fun and challenges of another outdoor winter sport, while enhancing the physical development of balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness

Chick Hatching Program

Chick Hatching Program

To teach our children about the science involved in poultry reproduction and life cycles, MindTech Montessori Schools incorporates a Chick-Hatching Program into the Annual Curriculum. During this program, the children have the opportunity to learn about the different stages of chick development and the different parts of an egg. This program also touches upon other topics such as embryonic development, different growth stages, the incubation and hatching process and life cycles.

Although the chicks are generally housed in a Elementary classroom, all children are involved and visit the chicks and share in the joyful experience of this event. Children have a chance to see the newborn chicks and witness firsthand the beauty of new life.

This program also teaches our children more about science and help them all foster greater love and respect for farm animals and nature through the caring and handling of hatchlings.

Butterfly Hatching Program

Our CASA and Elementary students participate in a Butterfly Hatching Program which takes place every Spring. The children learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and have a live demonstration of this process as they watch the transformation day by day from the small caterpillar state all the way through the metamorphosis to a butterfly.

Each classroom is distributed with larvae and take place in this magical experience!

In-house and Off-site Field Trips

At MindTech Montessori Schools, we believe that children require opportunities to explore and learn outside and inside of the classroom. Every year, we plan to take our students to field trips, under supervision of our staff and parent volunteers.  Students will be transported to and from trips on a Chartered School Bus, or we will have external companies visit the children on-site at the school.

All field trips, including, any sports programs (i.e. skating, skiing, and swimming) are very important and developed for the holistic and specific development of the child.  Please see below gallery which reflect some of our field trips;

Watch Your Children Grow

MindTech Montessori Schools is able to accommodate children from birth until Grade 8! Many of our families have had their first, second, and third child with us at the school and it is our pleasure and a huge achievement to see these young individuals grow with us in our program and graduate to become young adults with strong foundations.

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